Main Services

[vc_mad_info_block type=”type-2″ icon=”thumbs-o-up” title=”Topnotch Design” link=”|title:Read%20More|target:%20_blank”]RuralWide Web General Store features a marketplace for business, products, and services selling online, Antiques, Books, Collectibles, Fashion, Fine Art, Home Decor, Jewelry, Music & much more.[/vc_mad_info_block]
[vc_mad_info_block type=”type-2″ icon=”cogs” title=”Powerful Functionality” link=”|title:Find%20Out%20More|”]We offer a comprehensive multi-vendor marketplace which allows visitors to your on-line shopping site to buy items in a secure shopping environment.[/vc_mad_info_block]
[vc_mad_info_block type=”type-2″ icon=”wrench” title=”Great Support & Free Updates” link=”|title:Submit%20a%20Ticket|target:%20_blank”]You have our full support via documentation, educational videos, 24/7 customer service with our Submit a Ticket system.[/vc_mad_info_block]

Other Services

[vc_mad_info_block type=”type-3″ icon=”magic” title=”Web Design” link=”url:%23|title:Read%20More|”]Offering Graphic Design, Marketing, Web Design, Hosting, & Web Maintenance Services for businesses, non-profit organizations, artists, Colorado Scenic Byways and individuals at an affordable price.[/vc_mad_info_block]
[vc_mad_info_block type=”type-3″ icon=”tag” title=”Branding” link=”url:%23|title:Read%20More|”]We can create Company/Corporate Logo Designs, Print Design & Business Stationary.[/vc_mad_info_block]
[vc_mad_info_block type=”type-3″ icon=”film” title=”Animation & Motion” link=”url:%23|title:Read%20More|”]We offer contract outsourcing for all motion graphics, just let us know your needs and services.[/vc_mad_info_block]
[vc_mad_info_block type=”type-3″ icon=”code” title=”Web Development” link=”url:%23|title:Read%20More|”]In-house designers are on hand for your every need and we utilize prebuilt templates to help speed up production.[/vc_mad_info_block]
[vc_mad_info_block type=”type-3″ icon=”shopping-cart” title=”E-commerce” link=”url:%23|title:Read%20More|”]Sell your products in our General Store, fees begin at $1.00 per item, when your item sales we collect 30% commission of your selling price and your get the rest.[/vc_mad_info_block]
[vc_mad_info_block type=”type-3″ icon=”mobile-phone” title=”Mobile” link=”url:%23|title:Read%20More|”]All of our platforms are responsive for all devices, desktop, tablet and mobile.[/vc_mad_info_block]
[vc_mad_info_block type=”type-3″ icon=”search” title=”SEO” link=”url:%23|title:Read%20More|”]Yoast SEO is utilized for taking care of all of our WordPress search engine optimization needs.[/vc_mad_info_block]
[vc_mad_info_block type=”type-3″ icon=”signal” title=”Analytics” link=”url:%23|title:Read%20More|”]Google Analytics is connected to all of our network platforms.[/vc_mad_info_block]

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